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We are innocent.

We're NZ's first and only packaging company to produce only plant-based packaging.

"Plastics production has increased twentyfold since 1964 yet just 5% of plastics are recycled effectively, while 40% end up in landfill and a third in fragile ecosystems such as the world’s oceans."

— The Guardian 2016

Materials Matter

We're always looking for new uses for the natural plant materials and plant waste that already exist rather than relying on petrochemicals.

Using Waste

Our straw range is made from the abundant waste that comes from the production of wheat. The total process is toxic free. No bleach, chlorine or oil.

180,000,000 Reasons

We go through 180,000,000 takeaway coffee cups in each year. You can imagine the impact that's having on little old Aotearoa. We only need one reason to act differently: our future. It's why we use plant-based PLA (Ingeo) to line our cups - using plant-based material reduces our production carbon emissions by 80%. 100% commercially compostable.

We Specialise in Custom Branded Packaging

Our ninja-like custom-design skills will leave your food and drinks walking out the door looking hot. And staying hot. Or cold… depending on what kind of packaging they’re in. (You get what we mean.)

Innocent Partnership Programme

We are actively focused on keeping NZ clean and green.

We have committed to sponsoring Homegrown Waiheke and collaborate directly with them to test our products and educate our team/customers towards a waste-free New Zealand.

For every carton of smartass sold, we plant a tree here in New Zealand to improve water quality and enhance freshwater biodiversity.

Sustainable Business Network & Conscious Consumers

SBN's vision is to make New Zealand a model of sustainable nation and we're glad to be a part of that mission. We've been an SBN member since Innocent started. Conscious Consumers' mission is to create a world where businesses and consumers priorities people, our planet and animals.

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