Large Square Clamshell

We purchase straw waste from farmers local to our factory, wash it, which turns it into a mulch before moulding the straw with a heat transfer into plates, clamshells, trays and containers. The whole process is bleach, ink, dye and petrochemical free.
The wastewater is used on our worm farm at our factory where the worms are thriving. The top layer of soil goes back to the local farmers and is used as fertiliser.

Our straw range is leading the world in sustainability.

Innocent straw range is Commercially Compostable, meaning they will break down into carbon dioxide, water, and organic matter when in a compost. The speed of breakdown depends on the temperature and blend of the compost.

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Large Square Clamshell

What do the icons mean?

Commercially Compostable

Ink Dye Bleach Free

Made From Plants

Managed Plantations

Petrochemical Free



Sustainably Sourced Straw

Water-based Inks