Hot Cup Compostable Lid

Made from plant-based material called PLA. Innocent lids are functional, sustainable and fit the 8oz cup. The carbon footprint of plant based PLA (Ingeo) is 80% less than conventional PET plastics.

Did you know only 5% of plastics are recycled effectively.

Innocent lids are Commercially Compostable, meaning they will break down into carbon dioxide, water, and organic matter when in a compost. The speed of breakdown depends on the temperature and blend of the compost.

Innocent lids must be stored out of direct sun and below 35°C.

BPA Free.

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Hot Cup Compostable Lid

What do the icons mean?

Commercially Compostable

Ink Dye Bleach Free

Made From Plants

Managed Plantations

Petrochemical Free



Sustainably Sourced Straw

Water-based Inks