Hello Yellow

Made using paper from managed plantations and lined with plant based PLA (Ingeo) material. We use premium quality FSC paperboard giving our cups the highest quality finish, better lid fit and insulation. Innocent cups are printed with water based inks.
Did you know the majority of coffee cups lined with petroleum based plastic aren’t recycled. Actually only 5% of all plastics get recycled effectively, while 40% end up in landfill and a third in fragile ecosystems such as the world’s oceans.

Innocent Hot Cups are Commercially Compostable, meaning they will break down into carbon dioxide, water, and organic matter when in a compost. The speed of breakdown depends on the temperature and blend of the compost. 

Custom printing available. We have the lowest minimum order in the industry at 15,000 units/size. 

Hello Yellow Hot Cups are available in the following sizes:
236ml - 8oz
354ml - 12oz

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Hello Yellow

What do the icons mean?

Commercially Compostable

Ink Dye Bleach Free

Made From Plants

Managed Plantations

Petrochemical Free



Sustainably Sourced Straw

Water-based Inks