Compostable Canvas - Marita Hewitt

Compostable Canvas is a collaboration between Innocent Packaging and New Zealand artists. Each run is a limited edition.

The latest run of Compostable Canvas is by Marita Hewitt 

Marita Hewitt works on autobiographical still life watercolour paintings which consider notions of materiality, time, and the syntax of waste. "'Bibliography for an Unwritten Thesis', 2016; is as the title suggests, a list of read content which would contribute to a thesis on my practice if I was to write one."

Compostable Canvas is made with paper from managed plantations, lined with a plant based PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) and 100% commercially compostable.

PLA is derived from naturally-occurring plant sugar. Our elegant cups are as robust and heat-retaining as any oil-based alternatives.

Only 5% of plastics are being recycled effectively and coffee cups aren't recycled in New Zealand. Bio Plastic PLA reduces carbon emissions by 75% when compared to Oil-based alternatives. For more info check out our FAQ page.


236ml - 8oz (SKU - MHCC8)

354ml - 12oz (SKU - MHCC12)

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Compostable Canvas - Marita Hewitt

What do the icons mean?

Commercially Compostable

Ink Dye Bleach Free

Made From Plants

Managed Plantations

Petrochemical Free



Sustainably Sourced Straw

Water-based Inks