Back in 2013, we had a big,
crazy idea...

Our Story

Innocent packaging started with an innocent idea: What if we could make packaging from plants and plant waste? We got to work, looking for alternatives to petrochemical-based disposable food packaging.

It’s taken a lot of hard work and some real innovation, but we now produce clamshells from wheat straw waste, line our coffee cups with plants and make toilet paper from sugarcane waste and bamboo.

We see ourselves as an innovative packaging company striving to revolutionise the packaging industry by leading the way with sustainably produced products, incredible customer service and committed product stewardship.

We're focused on leading the way to inspire change and provide the most sustainable packaging on the market at affordable prices.

We're passionate about helping New Zealand’s leading coffee roasters, cafes, food trucks and businesses become some of the most sustainable in the world. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers, providing packaging options and custom design solutions to help them stand out in the market.

We are experienced and have a proven track record around reliable supply. Our nationwide operation means we can provide next-day delivery to anywhere in New Zealand. We happily provide expertise on everything from the best sustainable packaging options for your business to waste stream options available in your area.

What if we could make packaging from plants and plant waste?

Our Team

We've grown a bit since Innocent started in 2013.

From Tony working out of his parent's garage to a team of 10 with offices in Auckland and Christchurch. We're really proud of our success and growth and we've worked hard to nurture our company values and culture.

Tony Small

Managing Director

Madi Gyde

Distribution & Customer Service Legend

Bernard Hazewinkel

Operations Manager

Terri Staples

Production Manager

Fraser Hanson

National Sales Manager

Damien Smith

North Island Rep

Michael Bullen

Distribution Legend