Our product values

Posted by Katie G on

We are really proud of our product range at Innocent, a huge amount of research, development, trialling, discussion and voting goes on before each product is added to our range. We not only want to provide beautiful products that complement that beautiful food and drink they hold, we want to make sure that each product is produced as sustainably and as ethically as possible. We have set our own criteria on what makes packaging Innocent. Below is the criteria we follow before adding a product to our list. 

Ethically Sourced
We believe everybody should be paid a fair price for the work they do and should work in a safe, and supportive environment where every individual is legally entitled to work. Our factories are quality accredited with the environmental international standard ISO14001 which requires it to be subject to annual external audits.

We test every product to ensure it does what we say it does. From microwaving our wheatstraw to storing our clear cups, we know the limitations and functions of every item we produce and will clearly and transparently explain this to our customers. Our products are also regularly quality tested at point of production.